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Introducing Palampore Fabric and Hangings’ first collection, designed by Alison Kouzmanoff.

Alison is a fabric designer, graphic designer, photographer, weaver and avid gardener. Her premiere collection for Palampore Fabrics and Hangings blends inspiration from the rich Indian fabric panels from the 17th and 18th century and the plants growing outside her window in the Hudson Valley.


It all begins with the seeing. Alison observes plants minutely, seeking a tendril or array of stamens or the tender curl of an emerging leaf that will form the basis of a new design.

She photographs these forms, draws what she sees and then creates patterns by multiplying the forms, reconfiguring them into clusters, arranging them in rows, experimenting with scale and placement, and allowing the forms to suggest more alternatives.

When that process meets her approval, she shades the colors to create depth and texture, always seeking a balance of the tension between form and white space that gives the designs their marked sense of breathing space.


All our fabrics are printed in the USA using ecologically sound, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable inks. No water is used during printing. We print on demand, which means there is very little waste. Our customers can customize scale, color and ground fabric to fit any project.


“Palampore” is the name given to Indian fabric panels of the 17th and 18th century, widely used in European interior design. Palampores are distinguished by their intricate, stylized natural forms, by the contrast between the exterior borders and inner motifs, and by their versatility. Palampores were used as wall hangings, bed coverings and canopies, draperies, and table linens.

Historic palampores can be seen in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum.


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